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 Greek 2x07 - Formally Yours
 Cold Case 6x21 - November 22nd
 Ghost Whisperer 4x21 - Cursed
 Ghost Whisperer 4x23 - Book of Changes
 Robin Hood 3x09 - A Dangerous Deal
 Burn Notice 3x01 - Family and Friends
 Burn Notice 3x04 - Fearless Leader
 Castle 2x01 - Deep in Death
 Mental 1x08 - House of Mirrors
 Bones 5x02 - The Bond in the Boot
 Private Practice 3x01 - A Death in the Family
 Cold Case 7x03 - Jurisprudence
 Bones 5x06 - Tough Man in the Tender Chicken
 Castle 2x10 - One Man's Treasure
 Castle 2x11 - The Fifth Bullet
 Cold Case 7x10 - Iced
 Castle 2x13 - Sucker Punch
 Psych 5x12 - Dual Spires
 Burn Notice 4x15 - Brotherly Love
 Castle 3x19 - Law & Murder
 Castle 3x21 - The Dead Pool
 Unforgettable 1x10 - Trajectories
 Teen Wolf 2x05 - Venomous
 Private Practice 3x10 - Blowups