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 White Collar 1x13 - Front Man
 Hung 1x05 - Do it
 Make it or Break it 1x07 - Run Emily Run
 The Good Wife 1x02 - Stripped
 The Good Wife 1x04 - Fixed
 Community 1x05 - Advanced Criminal Law
 Community 1x08 - Home Economics
 The Good Wife 1x11 - Infamy
 Scrubs 9x07 - Our White Coats
 Scrubs 9x11 - Our dear leaders
 Community 1x16 - Communication Studies
 White Collar 1x11 - Home Invasion
 The Middle 1x15 - Valentine's Day
 Sons of Tucson 1x03 - Golden Ticket
 Blue Mountain State 3x01 - Dic Pics
 100 Questions 1x03 - Are You Romantic
 Hung 2x01 - Just the Tip
 Entourage 8x04 - Whiz Kid
 Awkward 1x09 - My Super Bittersweet Sixteen