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 Being Erica 3x13 - Fa La Erica
 Blue Bloods 1x08 - Chinatown
 Brothers and Sisters 5x03 - Faking It
 Brothers and Sisters 5x08 - The Rhapsody of Flesh
 Brothers and Sisters 5x09 - Get A Room
 Brothers and Sisters 5x11 - Scandalized
 Brothers and Sisters 5x22 - Walker Down the Aisle
 Canterbury's Law 1x02 - Baggage
 Canterbury's Law 1x03 - What Goes Around
 Castle 3x12 - Poof! You're Dead
 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 1x08 - Night Hawks
 Endgame 1x05 - I Kill Her
 Endgame 1x10 - Bless This Union
 Flashpoint 3x22 - Fault Lines
 Forbrydelsen 1x16 - Day 16
 Forbrydelsen 1x17 - Day 17
 Forbrydelsen 2x03 - Episode 2.3
 Forbrydelsen 2x04 - Episode 2.4
 Graven 1x02 - Episode 2
 Greys Anatomy 7x12 - Start Me Up
 Greys Anatomy 7x14 - Pretty Young Thing
 Harry´s Law 1x12 - Last Dance
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x14 - He Kane Hewa'ole (An Innocent Man)
 Human Target 2x09 - Imbroglio
 Miami Medical 1x13 - Medicine Man
 Monroe 1x02 - Episode 2
 Monroe 1x04 - Episode 4
 Morden I Sandhamn 1x03 - Episode 3
 Off the map 1x08 - It's a Leaf
 Parenthood 2x15 - Just Go Home
 Private Practice 3x22 - In the name of love
 Shattered 1x05 - Tears Bring Harry
 The Confession 1x05 - Chapter 5
 The Confession 1x09 - Chapter 9
 The Defenders 1x13 - Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy
 The Listener 2x08 - Vanished
 The Promise 1x02 - Part Two
 The Shadow Line 1x05 - Episode 5
 Underbelly 1x09 - Suffer the Children
 Underbelly 1x10 - Scratched
 Underbelly 1x11 - Barbarians at the Gate
 Wire in the blood 5x04 - Anything You Can Do
 XIII: The Series 1x05 - Training Camp
 XIII: The Series 1x06 - Costa Verde
 XIII: The Series 1x08 -
 Zen 1x01 - Vendetta
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 Hawthorne 1x08 - No Guts No Glory
 Dark Blue 1x04 - K-Town
 Hung 1x06 - Doris is Dead
 The Storm 1x02 - Part Two
 The Philanthropist 1x08 - Haiti
 Forbrydelsen 2x05 -
 Murderland 1x01 - Carrie's Story
 Murderland 1x02 - Hain's Story
 NCIS 7x06 - Outlaws and In-Laws
 Three Rivers 1x05 - Alone Together
 Raising The Bar 2x11 - Bobbi Ba Bing
 Raising The Bar 2x12 - Beating a dead horse
 NCIS 7x11 - Ignition
 Ghost Whisperer 5x12 - Blessings In Disguise
 The Good Wife 1x15 - Bang
 Trauma 1x11 - Tunnel vision
 The Good Wife 1x16 - Fleas
 Ghost Whisperer 5x16 - Old Sins Cast Long Shadows
 Mercy 1x17 - There Is No Room for You on My Ass
 Nurse Jackie 2x01 - Comfort Food
 Parenthood 1x04 - Wassup
 Human Target 1x10 - Tanarak
 Saving Grace 4x01 - Let's Talk
 In Plain Sight 3x01 - Father goes West
 Ghost Whisperer 5x17 - On Thin Ice
 Saving Grace 3x12 - Hear the Birds
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x19 - Hand to hand
 Ghost Whisperer 5x18 - Dead Eye
 Trauma 1x16 - Frequent Fliers
 Parenthood 1x07 - What's Going On Down There
 In Plain Sight 3x03 - Coma Chamaleon
 Parenthood 1x08 - Rubber Band Ball
 Mercy 1x19 - There Is No Superwoman
 Miami Medical 1x04 - All Fall Down
 Gravity 1x01 - Suicide Dummies
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x20 - Fame
 Riverworld 1x02 -
 The Bridge 1x06 - God Bless The Child
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x21 - Found
 Mercy 1x21 - Too Much Attitude and Not Enough
 The Bridge 1x08 - Painted Ladies
 Ghost Whisperer 5x20 - Blood Money
 The Bridge 1x09 - Never Let Me Down Again
 Castle 2x23 - Overkill
 Miami Medical 1x07 - Man on the Road
 Parenthood 1x13 - Lost and Found
 The Deep (2010) 1x03 - Ghosts Of The Deep
 Covert Affairs 1x07 - Communication Breakdown
 Hawthorne 2x10 - No exit
 Drop Dead Diva 2x12 - Bad Girls and Freeze The Day
 The Closer 6x09 - Last Woman Standing
 Covert Affairs 1x09 - Fool in the Rain.
 Rookie Blue 1x13 - Takedown.
 Being Erica 3x01 - The Rabbit Hole
 Detroit 187 1x01 - Pilot
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x02 - Black Widow
 The Whole Truth 1x01 - Piloto
 Private Practice 4x01 - Take Two
 The Defenders 1x01 - Pilot
 Medium 7x01 - Daughter to Work Day
 Chase 1x02 - Repo
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x03 - Borderline
 Private Practice 4x02 - Short Cuts
 Blue Bloods 1x02 - Samaritan
 The Defenders 1x02 - Las vegas vs Reid
 The Defenders 1x03 - Nevada v. Carter
 Shit My Dad Says 1x03 - The Truth About Dads & Moms
 Spooks 9x05 -
 Marchlands 1x05 - Episode 5
 Blue Bloods 1x05 - What you see
 Outlaw 1x06 - In Re: Tyler Banks
 Outlaw 1x07 - In Re: Kelvin Jones
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x08 - Mana'o
 Forbrydelsen 1x06 - Día 6º
 No Ordinary Family 1x06 - No ordinary visitors
 Being Erica 3x07 - Jenny from the Block
 Lie to Me 3x06 - Beyond Belief
 The Defenders 1x10 - Nevada v Dennis
 Private Practice 4x09 - Can't Find My Way Back Home
 No Ordinary Family 1x08 - No Ordinary Accident
 Being Erica 3x10 - The Tribe Has Spoken
 Private Practice 4x10 - Just Lose It
 The Whole Truth 1x06 - Liars
 Blue Bloods 1x10 - After Hours
 Chase 1x11 - Betrayed
 Warehouse 13 2x13 - Secret Santa
 Canterbury's Law 1x03 - What Goes Around
 Underbelly 1x09 - Suffer the Children
 Leverage 3x14 - The Ho-Ho-Ho Job
 The Closer 6x12 - High Crimes
 Underbelly 1x11 - Barbarians at the Gate
 The Closer 6x13 - Living Proof, Part One
 Forbrydelsen 1x03 - Día 3º
 Undercovers 1x10 - Funny Money
 Flashpoint 3x17 - Collateral Damage
 Zen 1x01 - Vendetta
 Zen 1x02 - Cabal
 Accused 1x04 - Liam's Story
 Parenthood 2x12 - Meet the New Boss
 Greys Anatomy 7x12 - Start Me Up
 Harry´s Law 1x01 - Pilot
 Zen 1x03 - Ratking
 Life Unexpected 2x13 - Affair Remembered
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x15 - Kai e'e (Tidal Wave)
 Royal Pains 2x13 - Mulligan
 Harry´s Law 1x02 - Heat of passion
 Flashpoint 3x20 - No Promises
 Moses Jones 1x01 - Moses Jones
 Royal Pains 2x14 - Pit Stop
 Harry´s Law 1x03 - Innocent Man
 Flashpoint 3x21 - I'd do anything
 Blue Bloods 1x13 - Hall of Mirrors
 Place of Execution 1x03 -
 Greys Anatomy 7x13 - Don't deceive me
 Private Practice 4x12 - Heaven can wait
 Fairly Legal 1x03 - Benched
 The Defenders 1x13 - Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy
 Flashpoint 3x22 - Fault Lines
 Harry´s Law 1x04 - Wheels of Justice
 The Chicago Code 1x01 - Pilot
 Fairly Legal 1x04 - Bo me Once
 Harry´s Law 1x05 - A day in the life
 The Chicago Code 1x02 - Hog Butcher
 No Ordinary Family 1x15 - No ordinary Powell
 Parenthood 2x16 - Amazing Andy And His Wonderful World Of Bugs
 Greys Anatomy 7x15 - Golden Hour
 The Defenders 1x15 - Nevada vs. Hunter
 Royal Pains 2x17 - Fight or flight
 Off the map 1x07 - Es un Milagro
 Blue Bloods 1x16 - Age of Innocence
 Royal Pains 2x18 - Listen To The Music
 The Defenders 1x16 - Noland vs. Galloway Pharmaceuticals
 Harry´s Law 1x07 - American dreams
 No Ordinary Family 1x17 - No Ordinary Love
 Parenthood 2x18 - Qualities and Difficulties
 Fairly Legal 1x07 - Coming Home
 The Defenders 1x17 - Nevada v. Greene
 Brothers and Sisters 5x16 - Home is where the Fort Is
 The Chicago Code 1x05 - O'Leary's Cow
 The Defenders 1x18 - Morelli vs. Kaczmarek
 Endgame 1x01 - Opening Moves
 Harry´s Law 1x09 - the fragile beast
 The Chicago Code 1x06 - The Gold Coin Kid
 Fairly Legal 1x09 - My Best Friend's Prenup
 Private Practice 4x16 - Love and Lies
 Bar Karma 1x03 - An Open Mind
 Harry´s Law 1x10 - Send in the Clowns
 The Good Wife 2x17 - Ham Sandwich
 The Chicago Code 1x07 - Black Hand and the Shotgun Man
 Fairly Legal 1x10 - Bridges
 Harry´s Law 1x11 - With friends like these
 Endgame 1x03 - The Caffeine Hit
 Parenthood 2x19 - Taking The Leap
 The Listener 2x07 - Ace in the Hole
 Hamarinn (aka The Cliff) 1x03 -
 Parenthood 2x20 - New Plan
 Harry´s Law 1x12 - Last Dance
 Hamarinn (aka The Cliff) 1x04 -
 Forbrydelsen 2x03 - Episode 2.3
 Brothers and Sisters 5x17 - Olivia's Choice
 Brothers and Sisters 5x18 - Never Say Never
 Forbrydelsen 2x04 - Episode 2.4
 Wire in the blood 5x02 - Nocebo
 XIII: The Series 1x01 - Pilot
 Wire in the blood 5x03 - The names of Angels
 King 1x01 - Lori Gilbert
 Sanctuary 3x14 - Metamorphosis
 Brothers and Sisters 5x21 - For Better or For Worse
 The Chicago Code 1x10 - Bathhouse and Hinky
 King 1x03 - Amanda Jacobs
 Greys Anatomy 7x20 - White Wedding
 Private Practice 4x20 - Something Old, Something New
 Brothers and Sisters 5x22 - Walker Down the Aisle
 King 1x04 - Eleni Demaris
 In Plain Sight 4x02 - Crazy Like a Witness
 Case Sensitive 1x02 - Part 2
 The Listener 2x11 - To die for
 King 1x05 - Farah Elliot
 Exile 1x03 - Episode 3
 Endgame 1x10 - Bless This Union
 Morden I Sandhamn 1x01 -
 The Listener 2x13 - Reckoning
 Morden I Sandhamn 1x03 - Episode 3
 The Shadow Line 1x05 - Episode 5
 Vera 1x03 - The Crow Trap
 Vera 1x04 - Vera 1x04 Little Lazarus
 Case Histories 1x02 - Episode 2
 King 1x08 - Scout Winter
 Injustice 1x02 - Episode 2
 Injustice 1x03 - Episode 3
 Injustice 1x04 - Episode 4
 Hawthorne 3x02 - Fight or Flight
 Covert Affairs 2x03 - Bang and Blame
 Hawthorne 3x04 - A Fair To Remember
 Human Target 1x05 - Run
 Ghost Whisperer 5x15 - Implosion