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 Being Erica 2x04 - Cultural Revolution
 Being Erica 2x05 - Yes We Can
 Being Erica 3x04 - Wash, Rinse, REPEAT
 Castle 2x15 - Suicide Squeeze
 Psych 4x07 - High Top Fade Out
 Warehouse 13 2x01 - Time will tell
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 Cold Case 7x03 - Jurisprudence
 Flashpoint 3x04 - Custody
 Lie to Me 2x02 - Truth or Consequences
 Leverage 3x13 - The Morning After Job
 Desperate Housewives 6x06 - Don't walk on the grass
 Fringe 2x12 - Johari Window
 Castle 2x15 - Suicide Squeeze
 Dexter 4x07 - Slack Tide
 Three Rivers 1x01 - Place of Life
 Monk 8x10 - Mr Monk and Sharona
 Brothers and Sisters 4x05 - Last Tango in Pasadena
 Warehouse 13 1x11 - Breakdown
 True Blood 2x12 - Beyond Here Lies Nothing
 Warehouse 13 1x12 - Nevermore
 Heroes 4x01 - Orientation
 Criminal Minds 5x02 - Haunted
 Fringe 2x03 - Fracture
 Bones 5x03 - The Plain in the Prodigy
 The Mentalist 2x02 - The Scarlet Letter
 Flashpoint 3x02 - Never Let You Down
 Castle 2x03 - Inventing the Girl
 The Good Wife 1x03 - You Cant Go Home Again
 Criminal Minds 5x03 - Reckoner
 Fringe 2x04 - Momentum Deferred
 Being Erica 2x02 - Battle Royale
 Flashpoint 3x03 - Just a Man
 Fringe 2x15 - Jacksonville
 Brothers and Sisters 4x03 - Almost Normal
 Trinity 1x04 - Episode 4
 CSI Miami 8x04 - In plane Sight
 CSI NY 6x04 - Dead Reckoning
 The Forgotten 1x04 - Parachute Jane
 Being Erica 2x04 - Cultural Revolution
 CSI - 10x04 - Coup de Grace
 Flash Forward 1x08 - Playing Cards with Coyote
 Sanctuary 2x02 - End of Nights (2)
 Ghost Whisperer 5x04 - Do Over
 Castle 2x05 - When the Bough Breaks
 Being Erica 2x09 - A River Runs Through It... It Being Egypt
 House MD 6x05 - Brave Heart
 Cold Case 7x04 - Soul
 CSI Miami 8x05 - Bad Seed
 Eastwick 1x05 - Mooning and Crooning
 Cougar Town 1x05 - Wreck Me
 Greys Anatomy 6x06 - I Saw What I Saw
 Fringe 2x06 - Earthling
 Raising The Bar 2x07 - Fine and Dandy
 Flash Forward 1x05 - Gimme Some Truth
 Community 1x06 - Football Feminism and You
 Dollhouse 2x04 - Belonging
 Flashpoint 3x05 - Coming to you live
 Murderland 1x02 - Hain's Story
 Castle 2x06 - Vampire Weekend
 The Forgotten 1x06 - Canine John
 Murderland 1x03 - Carol's Story
 Dexter 4x06 - If I Had a Hammer
 Brothers and Sisters 4x06 - Zen & the Art of Making Mole
 Castle 2x07 - Famous Last Words
 The Middle 1x06 - The Front Door
 Cold Case 7x05 - Wasp
 The Mentalist 2x06 - Black Gold and Red Blood
 Flashpoint 3x07 - You Think You Know Someone
 Californication 3x07 - So here's the thing
 House MD 6x06 - Known Unknowns
 Castle 2x08 - Kill the Messenger
 Criminal Minds 5x07 - The Performer
 CSI NY 6x07 - Hammer Down
 Cold Case 7x06 - Dead Heat
 Mercy 1x07 - Destiny, Meet My Daughter, Veronica
 Fringe 2x07 - Of Human Action
 Californication 3x08 - The Apartment
 Dexter 4x08 - Road Kill
 CSI Miami 8x08 - Point of Impact
 House MD 6x07 - Teamwork
 Castle 2x09 - Love Me Dead
 The Middle 1x07 - The Scratch
 Bones 5x08 - The Foot in the Foreclosure
 The Mentalist 2x08 - His Right Red Hand
 Fringe 2x08 - August
 Monk 8x14 - Mr. Monk and the Badge
 Life 2009 1x01 - Challenges of Life
 Being Erica 2x05 - Yes We Can
 The Middle 1x08 - Thanksgiving
 Being Erica 2x01 - Being Dr Tom
 Being Erica 2x03 - Mamma Mia
 Castle 2x10 - One Man's Treasure
 Dexter 4x10 - Lost Boys
 House MD 6x09 - Wilson
 Dexter 4x11 - Hello, Dexter Morgan
 Castle 2x11 - The Fifth Bullet
 Fringe 2x10 - Grey Matters
 Dollhouse 2x08 - A Love Supreme
 CSI NY 6x11 - Second Chances
 The Mentalist 2x10 - Throwing Fire
 Dollhouse 2x09 - Stop Loss
 Dollhouse 2x10 - The Attic
 Leverage 2x11 - The Bottle Job
 Life 2009 1x08 - Creatures of the Deep
 Life 2009 1x05 - Birds
 Being Erica 2x06 - Shhh. Dont Tell
 Life 2009 1x03 - Mammals
 Life 2009 1x07 - Hunters and Hunted
 Being Erica 2x07 - The Unkindest Cut
 Dollhouse 2x11 - Getting Closer
 Fringe 2x11 - Unearthed
 House MD 6x10 - The Down Low
 Leverage 2x10 - The Runway Job
 Criminal Minds 5x12 - The Uncanny Valley
 Greys Anatomy 6x11 - Blink
 The Mentalist 2x11 - Rose-Colored Glasses
 Dollhouse 2x12 - The Hollow Men
 24 8x02 - Day 8: 5:00P.M. - 6:00P.M
 24 8x01 - Day 8: 4:00P.M. - 5:00P.M
 Castle 2x13 - Sucker Punch
 Raising The Bar 2x15 - Happy Ending
 24 8x04 - 7.00pm a 8.00pm
 24 8x03 - 6.00pm a 7.00pm
 Life 2009 1x10 - Primates
 24 8x05 - 8 a 9 pm
 Damages 3x01 - Your Secrets Are Safe
 Castle 2x14 - The Third Man
 Leverage 2x12 - The Zanzibar Marketplace Job
 Fringe 2x14 - The Bishop Revival
 Desperate Housewives 6x13 - How About A Friendly Shrink
 Dollhouse 2x13 - Epitaph Two: Return
 24 8x06 - 9:00PM-10:00PM
 Lost 6x00 - The Lost Start Kit
 Damages 3x02 - The Dog is Happier Without Her
 Leverage 2x13 - The future Job
 The Mentalist 2x13 - Redline
 Being Erica 2x08 - Under My Thumb
 Damages 3x03 - Flight's at 11:08
 Lost 6x03 - What Kate Does
 Leverage 2x14 - The Three Strikes Job
 Heroes 4x06 - Tabula Rasa
 24 8x10 - 1:00AM - 2:00AM
 Damages 3x07 - You Haven't Replaced Me
 24 8x11 - 2:00AM-3:00AM
 Being Erica 2x11 - What Goes Up Must Come Down
 24 8x12 - 3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.
 24 8x13 - 4:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m.
 Castle 2x18 - Boom!
 24 8x15 - de 6 a 7 am
 Damages 3x13 - The Next One's Gonna Go In Your Throat
 24 8x19 - Day 8: 10:00A.M. - 11:00A.M.
 24 8x18 - Day 8: 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M.
 Being Erica 2x12 - The Importance of Being Erica
 Fringe 2x20 - Brown Betty
 Fringe 2x21 - Northwest Passage
 Bones 5x20 - The Witch in the Wardrobe
 24 8x22 -
 Castle 2x24 - A Deadly Game
 Fringe 2x23 - Over There (Part 2)
 Lost 6x17 - The end 1
 Lost 6x18 - The End 2
 24 8x24 - Final
 Greys Anatomy 6x17 - Push
 True Blood 3x01 - Bad Blood
 Damages 3x11 - All That Crap About Your Family
 Leverage 3x02 - The Reunion Job
 Leverage 3x04 - The Scheherazade Job
 True Blood 3x05 - Trouble
 True Blood 3x03 - It Hurts Me Too
 Warehouse 13 2x01 - Time will tell
 United States of Tara 2x07 - Dept. of Fucked Up Family Services
 Warehouse 13 2x02 - Mild Mannered
 True Blood 3x04 - 9 Crimes
 Leverage 3x05 - The Double Blind Job
 Leverage 3x06 - The Studio Job
 Warehouse 13 2x03 - Beyond Our Control
 True Blood 3x06 - What Do You Know About Love
 Warehouse 13 2x04 - Age Before Beauty
 True Blood 3x07 - Hitting the Ground
 Leverage 3x10 - The underground job
 Warehouse 13 2x05 - 13.1
 True Blood 3x08 - Night on The Sun
 Sherlock 1x03 - The Great Game
 Leverage 3x09 - The Three Card Monte Job
 The Pillars of the Earth 1x07 - Episode 7 & 8
 True Blood 3x09 - Everything Is Broken
 Warehouse 13 2x06 - Around the Bend
 Weeds 6x01 - Thwack
 Warehouse 13 2x07 - For the Team
 The Pillars of the Earth 1x06 - Witchcraft
 True Blood 3x10 - I Smell a Rat
 Leverage 3x11 - The Rashomon Job
 Weeds 6x02 - Felling And Swamping
 Warehouse 13 2x08 - Merge With Caution
 True Blood 3x11 - Fresh Blood
 Leverage 3x12 - he King George Job
 Weeds 6x03 - A yippity sippity
 Warehouse 13 2x09 - Vendetta
 Warehouse 13 2x10 - Where and When
 Warehouse 13 2x11 - Buried
 Weeds 6x04 - Bliss
 Weeds 6x05 - Boomerang
 Castle 3x01 - A Deadly Affair
 Being Erica 3x01 - The Rabbit Hole
 Warehouse 13 2x12 - Reset
 Fringe 3x01 - Olivia
 Weeds 6x06 - A Shoe for a Shoe
 Castle 3x02 - He's Dead, She's Dead
 Sons of Anarchy 3x04 - Home
 Being Erica 3x02 - Moving On Up
 Fringe 3x02 - The Box
 Medium 7x02 - The Match Game
 Nikita 1x01 - Pilot
 Law and Order: SVU 12x03 - Behave
 Bones 6x02 - The Couple in the Cave
 The Mentalist 3x02 - Cackle-Bladder Blood
 Nikita 1x04 - Rough Trade
 Outsourced 1x02 - The Measure of a Manmeet
 Dexter 5x02 - Hello Bandit
 Weeds 6x07 - Pinwheels and Whirligigs
 Castle 3x03 - Under The Gun
 Lost Girl 1x04 - Faetal Atracttion
 Sons of Anarchy 3x05 - Turning and Turning
 Being Erica 3x03 - Two Wrongs
 Caprica 1x10 - Unvanquished
 Fringe 3x03 - The Plateau
 The Mentalist 3x03 - The Blood on His
 The Defenders 1x03 - Nevada v. Carter
 Sons of Anarchy 3x01 - So
 Sons of Anarchy 3x02 - Oiled
 Dexter 5x03 - Practically Perfect
 Sons of Anarchy 3x03 - Caregiver
 Weeds 6x08 - Gentle Puppies
 Castle 3x04 - Punked
 Sons of Anarchy 3x06 - The Push
 Lie to Me 3x02 - The Royal We
 No Ordinary Family 1x03 - No Ordinary Ring
 Lip Service 1x01 - Episode 1
 Being Erica 3x04 - Wash, Rinse, REPEAT
 Weeds 6x09 - To Moscow, and Quickly
 Dexter 5x04 - Beauty and the Beast
 United States of Tara 2x10 - Open House
 Castle 3x05 - Anatomy of a Murder
 Sons of Anarchy 3x07 - Widening Gyre
 Lip Service 1x02 - Episode 2
 Being Erica 3x05 - Being Adam
 Lip Service 1x03 - Episode 3
 The Defenders 1x06 - Nevada vs. Rodgers
 Rules of Engagement 5x06 - Baked
 Merlin 3x08 - The Eye Of The Phoenix
 Supernatural 5x21 - Two Minutes to Midnight
 Medium 7x06 - Where Were You When...?
 Criminal Minds 6x01 - The Longest Night
 Tower Prep 1x01 - New Kid
 Being Erica 3x06 - Bear Breasts
 Brothers and Sisters 5x06 - An Ideal Husband
 Lip Service 1x05 - Episode 5
 Sons of Anarchy 3x12 - June Wedding
 Criminal Minds 5x05 - Cradle to Grave
 Dexter 4x04 - Dex Takes a Holiday
 Trauma 1x10 - Blue Balloon
 The Mentalist 2x12 - Bleeding Heart
 Heroes 4x05 - Hysterical Blindness
 Damages 3x04 - Don't Throw That at the Chicken
 CSI Miami 9x01 - Fallen
 Californication 3x03 - Verities and Balderdash
 Sons of Anarchy 2x07 - Gilead
 House MD 6x08 - Ignorance is Bliss