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 Survivor 24x02 - Total Dysfunction
 Survivor 2x02 - Suspicion
 Survivor 2x03 - Trust No One
 Survivor 2x04 - The Killing Fields
 Survivor 2x05 - The Gloves Come Off
 Survivor 2x06 - Trail By Fire
 Survivor 2x07 - The Merge
 Survivor 2x08 - Friends?
 Survivor 2x09 - The First 24 Days: A Closer Look
 Survivor 2x10 - Honeymoon Or Not?
 Survivor 2x11 - Let's Make a Deal
 Survivor 2x16 - The Outback Reunion
 Survivor 2x17 - Back From The Outback
 The Exes 1x01 - Pilot
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 Flash Forward 1x01 - Pilot
 The Deep End 1x04 - Nothing Personal
 The Deep End 1x05 - An Innocent Man
 The Deep End 1x06 - White Lies, Black Ties
 How I Met Your Mother 5x16 - Hooked
 The Big Bang Theory 3x16 - The Excelsior Acquisition
 The Good Wife 1x16 - Fleas
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1x10 - Party Favors
 Modern Family 1x20 - Benched
 Survivor China 15x08 -
 United States of Tara 2x09 - The Family Portrait
 Huge 1x04 - Talent Night
 Pretty Little Liars 1x10 - Keep Your Friends Close
 The Big C 1x03 - here's No C In Tea
 Pretty Little Liars 1x13 - Know your frenemies
 Episodes 1x03 - Episode Three
 Skins 5x02 - Rich
 Episodes 1x05 - Episode Five
 The Good Wife 2x14 - Net Worth
 Modern Family 2x16 - Regrets Only
 Mad Dogs 1x03 -
 Pretty Little Liars 1x19 - A Person of Interest
 Skins 5x06 - Alo
 Pretty Little Liars 1x20 - Someone to Watch Over Me
 Pretty Little Liars 1x21 - Monsters In The End
 Skins 5x08 - Everyone
 How I Met Your Mother 6x23 - Landmarks
 The Walking Dead 3x10 - Home
 Homeland 3x01 - Tin Man is Down