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 Blue Mountain State 2x11 - Drunk Tank
 CSI Miami 9x11 - F T F
 Eureka 4x00 - Let's All Go to Eureka
 Leverage 3x15 - The Big Bang Job
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 Leverage 2x07 - The Two Live Crew Job
 Leverage 2x08 - The Ice Man Job
 Leverage 2x09 - The Lost Heir Job
 House MD 6x12 - Moving the Chains
 The Tudors 4x02 - Episode 2
 V (2009) 1x05 - Welcome to the war
 The Pacific 1x06 - pelelu airfield
 V (2009) 1x09 - Heretic's Fork
 House MD 6x17 - Knight Fall
 Lost 6x13 - The last recruit
 The Pacific 1x07 - Peleliu Hills
 House MD 6x18 - open and shut
 The Tudors 4x04 - Episode 4
 The Big Bang Theory 3x20 - The Spaggheti Catalyst
 House MD 6x19 - The Choice
 Criminal Minds 5x20 - A thousand words
 V (2009) 1x11 - Fruition
 The Pacific 1x09 - Okinawa
 The Tudors 4x05 - Episode 5
 House MD 6x20 - Baggage
 Criminal Minds 5x21 - Exit Wounds
 The Pacific 1x10 - Home
 House MD 6x21 - Help Me [Season Finale]
 V (2009) 1x12 - Red Sky
 Criminal Minds 5x22 - The internet is 4ever
 Lost 6x17 - The end 1
 Happy Town 1x04 - Slight of Hand
 True Blood 3x01 - Bad Blood
 Svetlana 1x03 - Wish Fulfillment
 True Blood 3x02 - Beautifully Broken
 Scoundrels 1x01 - And Jill Came Tumbling After
 Rookie Blue 1x01 - Fresh Paint
 True Blood 3x03 - It Hurts Me Too
 Scoundrels 1x02 - Mary, Mary, Quite
 Futurama 6x04 - Proposition Infinity
 The Glades 1x01 - Pilot
 Hung 2x10 - Even Steven or Luckiest Kid in Detroit
 The Cape 1x02 - Tarot
 Nikita 1x02 - 2.0
 House MD 7x05 - Unplanned Parenthood