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 Law and Order: SVU 16x05 - Pornstar's Requiem
 Chicago PD 1x04 - Now Is Always Temporary
 Law and Order: SVU 15x11 - Amaro's One-Eighty
 Law and Order: SVU 15x13 - Betrayal's Climax
 Chicago PD 1x05 - Thirty Balloons
 Chicago Fire 2x14 - Virgin Skin
 Law and Order: SVU 15x15 - Comic Perversion
 Chicago PD 1x07 - The Price We Pay
 Chicago Fire 2x15 - Keep Your Mouth Shut
 Criminal Minds 9x17 - Persuasion
 Chicago Fire 2x16 - A rocket blasting off
 Chicago PD 1x08 - Different Mistakes
 Law and Order: SVU 15x17 - Gambler's Fallacy
 Chicago Fire 2x18 - Until Your Feet Leave the Ground
 Chicago PD 1x11 - Turn the Light Off
 Chicago Fire 3x03 - Just Drive the Truck
 Chicago PD 2x03 - The Weigh Station
 Chicago PD 2x04 - Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw
 Grimm 4x07 - The Grimm Who Stole Christmas
 Law and Order: SVU 16x09 - Pattern Seventeen
 Chicago Fire 3x14 - Call It Paradise
 Chicago PD 2x20 - The Number of Rats